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On this page, the carbon footprint, life cycle assessment, and environmental sustainability projects carried out under the direction or consultancy of our company's chairman of the board, Dr. Fehmi Görkem Üçtuğ,  are presented chronologically from present to past.

SOCAR A.S. Life Cycle Evaluation of ACN Product Produced at İzmir Refinery

The Effect of Nuclear Energy Use in Turkey on the Carbon Footprint of the Iron and Steel Industry in the Scope of the European Union Green Deal
Comparison of Carbon Footprints of Bitcoin Production and Gold Production with Life Cycle Assessment Method

Calculation of Carbon and Water Footprint of Tier 4 Data Center of Kredi Kayıt Bürosu (KKB) Firm

Calculating the Carbon Footprint of Biohydrogen Production from Coffee Bean Waste

TAT Food Inc. Calculation of Carbon Footprint of Tomato Paste Produced by

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