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Mountaneous Peyzaj


CANSET Software Energy Environment Consulting Trade Inc. is an R&D company with a young, dynamic, but highly experienced team that offers corporate and environmental sustainability solutions to companies.

One of the founding partners of the company and also the chairman of the board of directors, Dr. Fehmi Görkem Üçtuğ was born in 1982 in Ankara. He graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering at METU in 2004 as first in his class. In 2008, he completed his doctoral studies at the University of Manchester in England, Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Sciences, with support from the European Union Marie Curie Scholarship, and received his doctorate at the age of 25. After completing his military service as a Chemistry Analysis Officer at the Gendarmerie Logistics Command, he started his academic career as a lecturer at Bahçeşehir University, Energy Systems Engineering Department in September 2010.

During the 6 years he spent at Bahçeşehir University, he carried out studies in the field of energy economy and sustainability, and started to be interested in life cycle assessment and carbon footprint issues. Dr. Üçtuğ has advised on corporate sustainability projects titled “Turkey Gathers Energy” for Profilo and “Our Energy is for Children” for Zorlu Energy. He has also supervised the only foundation university team that competed in the TÜBİTAK Alternative Energy Vehicle Races Hydrogen Powered Car category during his tenure at Bahçeşehir University in 2013 and 2014. He was also the academic advisor of the Hidromobil team. He also served as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences between 2013-2016.

Leaving Bahçeşehir University in 2016, Dr. Üçtuğ returned to England, Manchester University, and he joined the “Sustainable Industrial Systems” research group led by Prof. Dr. Adisa Azapagic as a visiting scholar. Working on the life cycle assessment of solar energy and biodiesel production during his term at the University of Manchester, Dr. Üçtuğ also contributed to the team that developed the life cycle assessment software CCaLC by performing user tests.

Continuing his career at Izmir University of Economics Engineering Faculty in 2017, Dr. Üçtuğ has been serving as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering since September 2017. In July 2018, he received the title of associate professor from the Interuniversity Board. During his time at Izmir University of Economics, Dr. Üçtuğ provided carbon footprint and environmental sustainability consultancy to companies such as Tat Gıda, Kredi Kayıt Bürosu and SOCAR, as well as leading nearly 20 scientific studies and university-industry collaborations on environmental sustainability, primarily for the energy and food sectors. carried out the project.


Dr. Üçtuğ, with the experience he gained as a result of years of work and consultancy, and with the desire to provide professional service in a corporate manner, has founded CANSET Yazılım Environmental Energy Consulting Services. For more information about the services our company offers, please visit our Services page.

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